• Power Symphony in Red Passion
  • Who? Me?
  • Together Alone
  • Feels Like the First Time
  • A new day…
  • Power Symphony in Red Passion

    Power Symphony in Red Passion

    Power symphony in red passion…and you, free and determined to follow your path staring at that “capullito” being opened

  • Who? Me?

    Who? Me?

      With this face , If she hadn’t said – “I did not brake your jewelry mom but it looks so gorgeous with my green dress…” I would have definitely thought that was the cat….

  • Together Alone

    Together Alone

    We’re together but we enjoyed the time in different ways and we choose to do it alone. We have ignored those pleasant conversations in a beautiful park in a warm coffee and even even in our own homes by spending more time alone ….

  • Feels Like the First Time

    Feels Like the First Time

    I have dreamed a lifetime with you but now that I have found you, together we will make history.

  • A new day…

    A new day…

    Today, another day with new challenges, some personal, others not. How difficult, and what effort to face them! Yet looking back at the day that just ended, I feel fulfilled, and return to love… Undoubtedly tomorrow will arrive with new challenges, but I will be more prepared. This is my […]

  • Now in New York Exhibition! Ago-Sep 2013

    Now in New York Exhibition! Ago-Sep 2013

    I am showing my work in New York at Studio 26 Art Gallery as part of “Bushwick Open Studios 2013”. Come to see art and be part of this celebration! All August and September!.  

  • Woman Hair

    Woman Hair

    Women always say: I would love more hair…I would love, maybe, curly hair…I would love a very long, shiny and straight hair… What hair would you like?  

  • Always sexy!

    Always sexy!

    We are so sexy! Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we see how beautiful we are! Don’t you agree?

  • Kisses on the wind

    Kisses on the wind

    Together, these pictures recreate lovers most romantic expression, a kiss.  At the same time they represent the essence of love, being together. My client requested these pictures to hang in the entrance of her home to greeting all visitors with love. 

  • Living the life…

    Living the life…

    Often we are born in a place which does not see us grow up, because of wonderful opportunities to travel, and share with other cultures. This is now we start exploring new environments, and lifestyles, listening to new music, breathing fresh air, and meeting new people who come to share their own […]

  • I Love you!

    I Love you!

    We always love but this time of the year is time to celebrate how much we love and say “I Love you!” with a kiss, a hug and a special gift.  What do you think?

  • Cuando el lápiz llama

    Cuando el lápiz llama

    This is the interview that High Class Magazine published this past December about my artwork.  It is an honor to be supported by this Paraguayan magazine that bet on national talent, promoting art and culture!

  • 3rd Annual – WINTER WONDERLAND

    3rd Annual – WINTER WONDERLAND

    Some photos from my latest Art Soiree, the 3rd Annual Winter Wonderland event at the Malmaison in DC!

  • Art Metamorphosis – Miami

    Art Metamorphosis – Miami

    Outdoor painting enjoying the sun and the pool with Art Soiree team in Miami South Beach.  Check the video here!     Check more pictures here and the wonderful video here!

  • Next Stop to Paint, Miami!

    Next Stop to Paint, Miami!

    Join us and art aficionados from all over the world for an ultimate weekend of Art Basel | Miami Beach at Hotel Clinton!   DECEMBER 7th 8th and 9th 2012 Art Soiree will bring art and cultural experience from the nations capital -Washington, DC for a unique art show during Art Basel | Miami […]

  • A Vision that Smells of Soap

    A Vision that Smells of Soap

     I´m showing my artworks at the Gallaudet University until September 21 “A Vision that Smells of Soap” is a wonderful opportunity to show the freshness of the smile and expression Take a look to the opening reception photos…

  • 3rd Annual Midsummer Night´s Dream Fantasy Show

    3rd Annual Midsummer Night´s Dream Fantasy Show

      This August Art Soiree and a group of talented local artists used the magic of art to transform the heart of Georgetown into an enchanted wonderland of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Many joined  in to celebrate the summer in a fantastic, fairy-laden setting of color, art, music and performance   See all the event’s […]

  • IACHR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) – Organization of American States. Banner

    IACHR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) – Organization of American States. Banner

    It was a pleasure to design this banner about the children rights’ for the OAS | Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.  I fully support  children’s rights to grow in a colorful and happy atmosphere, living an exciting life, exploring, discovering, learning, and playing.  Children have the right to dream, and […]

  • For sale!

    For sale!

    Dear friends I want to inform you that this wall is for sale at an auction this Sunday May 24th from 5 to 9 pm. All the profits will be donated to “The Family Place DC” which supports abused women and children so they can have a decent life. View […]

  • Art Metamorphosis Live Painting Night at Waterfront Washington Harbour

    Art Metamorphosis Live Painting Night at Waterfront Washington Harbour

    We celebrated the revitalization and redevelopment of the Washington Harbour at Georgetown Waterfront through the beauty of ART!  For one night and one night only the harbour area in the heart of the nation’s capital was transform into an artist’s canvas. We were witness and enjoyed this historical night of artistic transformation […]