digital art & custom renderings

Imagine your favorite photos transformed into beautiful and timeless works or art! Belen Boya can seize a special moment or an expression from your photos into inspiring pieces of art that perfectly capture the personality of your subject! The attention she pays on the detailing of every minor part of her art makes them look very lively.  Her “Expressive Girl” collection was featured at Artomatic and Art Metamorphosis in Washington, DC.  Her amazing art work makes you smile and look at each piece again and again.

Belen was the hit at Art Metamorphosis due to her unique ability to sketch great character art.   Invite Belen to design your trade show booth, sketch your clients or to create the perfect image for large corporate events.  Her work is entertaining and an audience attraction that will leave prospects and clients thinking about you for years to come!  Belen’s artwork and illustrations are also an excellent way to provide a truly custom wedding gift or let her create a piece of artwork to highlight a retiring colleague’s years of service at your company.

print and advertising design

Belen believes advertisements don’t really have a second chance to make a first impression. They should be well thought out and catchy enough to influence the viewer’s opinion. Thinking out of the box is the key to Belen’s designs.  Her print and web ads speak to viewers through simple expressions that directly connect with the target audience.

Belen knows exactly how to successfully design an ad for any company that draws attention and new customers.  Her ads also make you think twice and they inspire creativity and clever ideas of presenting particular products or ideas.

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concept design

Belen is a logo and concept design specialist that has created image solutions for all types of businesses. Thankfully Yours and Belen will work with you to create unique gifts, packaging and designs for your products that best suit your style and needs.  We will send you a personal information questionnaire to garner valuable data about your concept, company philosophy and image, once this step is completed we will provide packaged or ala carte options for you project.