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  • Together Alone

    Together Alone

    We’re together but we enjoyed the time in different ways and we choose to do it alone. We have ignored those pleasant conversations in a beautiful park in a warm coffee and even even in our own homes by spending more time alone ….

  • A new day…

    A new day…

    Today, another day with new challenges, some personal, others not. How difficult, and what effort to face them! Yet looking back at the day that just ended, I feel fulfilled, and return to love… Undoubtedly tomorrow will arrive with new challenges, but I will be more prepared. This is my […]

  • Always sexy!

    Always sexy!

    We are so sexy! Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we see how beautiful we are! Don’t you agree?

  • Art Metamorphosis Live Painting Night at Waterfront Washington Harbour

    Art Metamorphosis Live Painting Night at Waterfront Washington Harbour

    We celebrated the revitalization and redevelopment of the Washington Harbour at Georgetown Waterfront through the beauty of ART!  For one night and one night only the harbour area in the heart of the nation’s capital was transform into an artist’s canvas. We were witness and enjoyed this historical night of artistic transformation […]

  • Check the Artomatic´s opening pictures!

    Check the Artomatic´s opening pictures!

    Artomatic is the Washington, DC area’s one-of-a-kind art extravaganza, involving regional artists and performers. The free art festival features a wide variety of paintings, sculpture, photography, music, theater, poetry, dance and workshops. Artomatic transforms available space into a playground for artistic expression.   Check out the pictures here!